Pondicherry Beaches

Tourist Spots in Pondicherry

     When people visit a new place they closely watch the place, its nature and beauty, the buildings, the people’s cultural and traditional set up, their food, clothing and their mannerisms. They watch out places where they could relax a bit so that they could be tension free and spend the time happily for a while. Nature gives wisdom, joy, pleasure, relaxation and it teaches many things essential in life. Some places may be breezy and cool all the time. Some places may be colourful. People have different tastes and likings. But for sure the spots in Pondicherry will really be entertaining and time to be leisurely.

Beaches and Backwaters

People both young and old have a liking in something or the other. Even when at home when there is rain we find kids playing in the water. They make paper boats and enjoy their time. Likewise people love the time they spend in the sea shores and beaches. Some of the beaches to be visited in this territory are the Serenity Beach, the Paradise Beach, Karaikal Beach, Mahe Beach and Yanam River Cruise. Let’s get to know about the specialties of these beaches in detail.

The Serenity Beach is 1.5 kilometers long. It’s a beautiful site to watch as it is cool and clean. This beach is ideally suited for relaxation, swimming and sun-bath. The pleasant breeze from the Bay of Bengal makes us to have a stroll or jog or sit in the parapet by the sea. The beach has a history behind it as this witnessed the bloodiest of the battles between the French and the British. The sea front is graced by an impressive statue of the Mahatma (M.K.Gandhi) set amidst eight exquisitely carved pillars and wonderful war memorial commemorating the soldiers who lost their lives during the World War I. The Lighthouse and the 284 meters long New Pier are located further south.

The next is the Paradise Beach. This is called Plage Paradiso. This is located at Chunnambar near the mouth of the backwater. This is located about 8 kilometers away form Pondicherry towards Cuddalore Main Road. It is a perfect place for leisurely holiday and beach sport. The visitors can sail to the backwaters to the sands and pitch up a cozy sea side tent. One can see playing dolphins if cruised into the sea.

The next is the Karaikal Beach. This beach is an excellent place for watching the rising sun. The tourists can see the view of the slowly flowing Arasalar River meeting the sea which is simply breathtaking. The boating club on the beautiful backwaters of the Arasalar provides pedaller, motor and rowing boats to the tourists. The beautiful Mahe beach is a beach resort which is 22 kilometers south of Kannur in Kerala and is bordered by lush palm trees. There are numerous fishing hamlets. The Yanam river cruise is located in coastal Andhra Pradesh. Its beauty is enhanced by the spectacular Goringa Godavari River which meanders through rich mangrove forests.