Pondicherry History

     According to mythologies and legends, Pondicherry was once the dwelling place for the great Hindu sage Agastya. It was a major Vedic centre and was called as Vedapuri. Excavations at Arikamedu have revealed that there was a possibility that this could have been a port town and there might be a Roman rule and settlement here before 2000 years. It had trade links with Rome and Greece that continued till the period of the Cholas during the 10th and the 11th century. The Pallavas, the Pandiyas, the Muslim rulers also invaded and ruled over this place for quite some time.

Pondicherry Historical uniqueness

      In the early 16th century the Portuguese established their supremacy in Pondicherry. They ruled for a while. Then the Dutch and the French people entered this place for trade reasons and then started ruling this territory. In 1673 the French started ruling the territory. During the rule of the French in Pondicherry there were several minor conflicts and battles fought between the French and the Britishers to capture Pondicherry. After several conflicts finally both the countries came to a conclusion and an agreement was signed where Pondicherry was given back to the French by the Britishers. In the year 1954, Pondicherry was retained back to India by the French.