Sacred Sites

     Where ever a tourist goes he could find sacred sites. The sacred sites that we find in Pondicherry are the Churches, the Temples and the Mosques. The famous and well known churches are Church of our Lady Immaculate Conception (1791), which is built on medieval architecture. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church is built on the Gothic architectural styles. Englise De Notre Dame Das Anges which faces the sea at Rue Dumas was built in 1952 in Greeko Roman style. There are over 350 big and small temples in and around Pondicherry. They are the Srimanakula Vinayakar Temple, Varadaraja Perumal Temple and Vedapureswarar Temple. The Jamia Mosque is a beautiful mosque which is set amidst swaying palm trees is the main mosque Pondicherry.